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– Mission

Circle Enix’s mission is to develop an innovative device to achieve solutions and sustainability towards local wildlife populations and conditions. Our main goal is to create a device that allows us to identify endangered wildlife populations for example birds and environmental effects and hazards.


– Company Views

Our vision is to improve the environment and living conditions of local wildlife and sustain endangered species, we hope to achieve this globally allowing us to identify potential hazards in environments to act quickly to reduce/prevent damage, improving the living quality and safety of humankind also.


– Goals

We will be preparing our prototype product for the flowing 12 months, to be showcased at the Birmingham city ‘Innovation fest’. This will be done by showing the device capturing screenshots when motion is detected and uploading it to us soon to be made to be website. These updates will be live and constant as long as the device and connection are operational.

UN Sustainable Goals

Our product tackles the following UN Sustainable Goals:

  • 13 Climate Action
  • 15 Life on Land

With our product, we will be able to monitor the many global environmental sustainability issues that occur such as poaching leading to extinction, climate change, environmental disasters like wildfires, and human-caused disasters like habitat destruction. With our environment detection, we wish to aid companies in detecting these issues and taking measures to prevent them beforehand, and ultimately improving the quality of life on land. Our device will enable us to gain awareness of how we can improve the world’s environmental climate and sustainability.

Presentation Poster

Please feel free to visit our second website below for additional information such as our financial planning, more about the team and a gallery of many pictures of our product we took throughout our planning and development.