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Opportunistic Timeline

Impact on the Market

This product will be aimed at a variety of consumers from big organizations to ordinary people. It will mostly be aimed at people seeking change in our nature and ecosystem. Extinction, poaching, and even human-caused disasters are the main reasoning for the development of this product. If issues like this were not to be addressed, it would lead to thousands of species extinction. We have already seen a high number of extinct species with thousands more currently endangered.

We believe our device will impact the market in various ways as we hope it brings further attention towards the public and other companies to the many issues within our environments such as poaching leading to extinction, natural and human-made disasters such as habitat destruction, wildfires, and tsunamis. Our device could start the mass production of similar devices used all around the world in different countries and climates used for solely helping our world’s sustainability and ecosystem from different wildlife organizations such as WWF, The Wildlife Trusts, and World Animal Protection to help prevent these issues affecting our environment.

We defined a sustainable and technological approach to the issue at hand that would gather a large amount of interest due to its uniqueness. With the use of a sensor, the device will smartly take pictures with the connected 180° infrared camera of any particularly given scenario and that will be sent straight to the website that will use database automation.

The Future

We think our product will be a success and with extra funding, hopefully in the future, we would be able to present our product to big organizations that could see a use of this product in a widespread manner to help with their global operations. Displaying such data will aid in raising awareness of how we can tackle environmental sustainability.  An organization such as RSPB can find a lot of success with the use of the product. We will particularly seek organizations that work in the given sector to aid and help with wildlife sustainability and ecosystem sciences.