Team Members


Manraj Nandhra

Currently, I am undertaking a Computer Science degree (BSc) at Birmingham City University. One of the key skills I obtained throughout my time learning was programming. I have primarily used C# to create a multitude of 2-D scroller games using the Unity IDE. I have been coding in C# and Python for over 3 years with just under a years experience in HTML5 and CSS. I have a core understanding of the fundamentals of computer science with excellent problem solving skills and will further improve on these skills throughout my degree. I am a resilient and positive worker, consistently demonstrating the highest level of personal and professional standards.

I have a growing interest in programming and computing; I plan to keep learning and developing my knowledge in this field of work. This computer science degree will ensure that I have the key skills and knowledge for future working environments. My goal is to end up working in the area of software development.


Amrit Kooner

Studying a computer science degree at Birmingham City University to further pursue my goal of becoming a potential software developer. To achieve this goal this course will provide me the skills and mindset of a true programmer with vast understanding of data structures and algorithms using various programming languages such as Python, C++ and Java.

I have previous knowledge in C# as I was a part of a group that created a game being a 2D side-scrolling platformer and I am still currently developing my skills and further understanding of HTML, CSS and Python. I consider myself as a hard worker that is not afraid to take on challenges as they can help acquire me new skills.


Reece Lewis

Presently, I am a first-year undertaking a Computer Science degree (BSc) at Birmingham City University. Previously I have had some experience using Unity IDE and Unreal engine in order to develop a side scroller and mini defense games, which I believe helped solidify my problem-solving and time management skills. presently I have just under years of experience under my belt in programming with python and developing with HTML5/ CSS.

I have a great interest in computing which continues to grow and always excited to learn new skills and experiences. My attitude to work is positive and my desired end goal is to become a software developer/ programmer.


Bianca Morias

Currently a 1st Year at Birmingham City University! I’ve been coding with Python for over four years and I have just over a year’s experience with HTML and CSS with slight knowledge regarding JavaScript. I also have some art skills, specifically comics and character design and I’ve had a side gig as a voice actress for a couple of months! My goal is to eventually work as a backend programmer.


Zain Khizer

I’m currently studying computer science at Birmingham city university where I have expanded my skills on computer programming with the language python where we were given challenges as part of our coursework and then told to make a bank system replica in python for the big assessment . In computer systems we were able to use raspberry pi and tinker card to build replicas such as smoke alarms and alarm systems and then in website development creating a website based on html code and design in adobe XD that we had learnt.

During the pandemic I was working at new street station in helping customers deal with their problems advising them to wear a mask for the safety of the staff and other people around them and also telling them to follow the one way system that was put in place so people would not collide with each other and therefore have a chance at spreading COVID 19 so we wanted to limit that . Furthermore I did regular patrols of the area to make sure it was safe for staff and customers down on the platforms to check potential threats and report them on the radio to the supervisors . I also worked in the taxi rank and the car park taking note of all customers and staff that had parked and making sure their cared were safe